Working with you to reduce stress in the work place.

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We currently specialise in stress management for

dental professionals, teaching professionals and pupils

While some stress in the work place is normal, too much can put unnecessary strain on an organisation and affect the productivity of teams and individuals within it. High levels of staff turnover, lack of motivation within the workforce, conflict between departments, increase in number of complaints and the rise in the number of sick leave absences, are among some of the signs that stress is taking control of your work place and having a negative affect on your employees.


You can prevent stress from taking hold in your work place, or deal with existing stress by implementing steps that will result in a happier, more relaxed working environment. It is important to examine management practices which could be contributing to the stress of employees and inhibiting the smooth running of everyday business.


Educating employees about stress gives them the tools to recognise and manage stressful situations that arise in the workplace. By taking a proactive approach to stress management you can ultimately create an environment that will not contribute to stress and make the work place a positive and enriching experience for everyone.

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